Galileo Galilei (Scientist)

Writer : Neni Suhaeni

Publisher & Printing : Nuansa Cendekia

Cetakan ke 2 : 2016

Chapter One: Galileo’s Weird Thoughts


Galileo was born at 1564 in Italy and at the age of 7 he went to school. When he went to school all the teachers loved him because he is the most smartest person at the school and even though he likes to be in school he enjoys being home, he likes to play his toys that he build by himself. He likes to talk of his radical ideas to his friends but they always make fun of him. Once he was 13 he moved out to a school at Vallombrosa.


Chapter Two : Freedom for All Artist and Scientist


At the time (which was the early 1500) the Roman Catholic Church almost ruled all of italy and the Pope ruled it all. When Galileo was sent to Firenze his family decided to move to that city. He didn’t like being in a different school but he loved the city, he loved the view in Firenze. He and his friend Rici experimented something in the old church. Firenze was ruled by a rich family called the Medici, they ruled that city for 300 years.


Chapter 3 Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci

Galileo Chapter 3.jpeg

Leonardo da vinci was one of the scientist that was helped by the Medici family. Galileo was from a poor family just like Leonardo, he was forced to leave the in Vallombrosa after 2 years learning there. Galileo’s Father says that Galileo is smart to become a doctor. Galileo was poor, he might not get help with the Medici family he may never be a scientist but that doesen’t mean he’s gonna give up, Galileo spends his freetime in the Prince’s library.



With the help of Galilei’s (Galileo’s father) friend Galileo can go to university at the age of 17, But he only stayed there for a few months. Galileo is in a argument about Aristotle with his teacher.”Some teachers make mistakes” Said Galileo “They say Aristotle was always right, but that was 2000 years ago” he added. “For example Francis Drake has just gone back to England on his voyage to explore around the world” “Are you saying that Drake is more smarter than Aristotle?” said his teacher “No I’m just saying teachers sometimes make mistakes.” with this answer made the teacher very angry so the teacher said “The Church are never wrong they are always right!”.