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Pari Island Expedition

Hi!. My name is Rakka and I’m going to tell you about PARI ISLAND. So, Pari island is like paradise well.. for me , So, anyways There’s an awesome beach that is mostly clean, Then I went straight ahead to the ocean, I mean beach The beach name was called “The Virgin Sand Beach”. After that Me and my other two friend’s. Then we played “The Throwing Sand Game”.

After that we just do our own things. I played the swing with Christoper And his other friends. How to play is You swing for 5 or 6 times, then You Jump out And you dive. So after that I found my bro, Renne, And Collect some shells. Then I said “This is boring. I Want to play something else”, So we did. We Made a sand castle with water in it. Then we learn stuff about other People Get to know eachother Ya know?. Then we just swam again And again and again. But after that we Learn with Miss iren And “Oppa yuri” We go to a mangrove swamp With boat’s and a guy steering behind. Then we explore the mangrove swamp, Many Seeweed were there And trash. So “Oppa yuri” told us to get any trash In the mangrove swamp.

I grabed A bottle of aqua and other stuff. Then we take picture’s of the swamp. Then it was a race, we were the 3rd place of the race, Then me, the captain I think And the other people Thought “Let’s go to a short cut”, Then we did we became the 2nd, Then we go on full speed then we were the 1st. After that we were far from the other’s And deep in the mangrove swamp. It was hard to steer in the squezy roots of the mangrove swamp. We see many fish in the mangrove roots. Then we made it out, after that we rowed as fast as we can. Luckily we were still far from the others, After that we made it to the beach again then most of us jump out of the boat and go to the others, we helped the others to get to the beach, well mostly we hung on to the boat. Then I found my mom and my little brother, Then my little brother jump off the boat and hung to the boat. After That, we dicussed about the mangrove trees, like what were the fish doing in there or why there were Many trees.

Then we go swimming again, But then all of a sudden I see a boat like a canoo, Then 6 or 5 people Including me jumped on the boat and I was waving at my friend and other people, Then people were like “I wanna ride that boat!”. After that people were desperate to ride that boat So people were pushing each other Then, A lady stopped us so I went swimming. After that it was time to go home, so me,Renne,Darnel,Farrel,denis and her big brother dressed up and we ate and drank then we made pyramids. We got to the boat (By the way the boat was named “KM Cahaya Alam”) We got to the boat then sailed away from Pari island to Tangerang. It was about 60 or 90 Minutes or so, Then we finally made it and eat “Pop Mie”. After that we prayed in the mushola. After that we drove home by taking farrel’s car. Before we got home we stopped at “Indomaret” to buy Pop Mie. After that me and farrel Were talking about “One Punch Man” the comic and Talked about his game that he REALLY Wanted to play with me and With his cusions. Then we got home and eat my Pop Mie Then sleep

The end.