Erudio Indonesia’s Holiday Program Day #5


10 January 2020

Venue :, M Bloc Space

Today, I went to M Bloc Space for another Lesson from Erudio Indonesia! I’m excited for this one because, this lesson is about the programming language of Python. The reason i was so excited was i wanted to learn this programming language, but didn’t have the time, here’s a little backstory : So, a few months ago i just mastered JavaScript and was trying to learn a new language, so i asked my mom what programming languages i should learn next, my mom recommended me Python. So i searched it up on Google and i found this website called CodeAcademy.

This website teaches all coding languages including Python which was Perfect! I started learning it and when i was done i gained a lot of new information and why i stopped learning is because I’ve learned coding so much, my math skills were not that good anymore and i needed to practice it. Anyways back to the Holiday Program, so our teacher, Kak Barry told us to write if you could build a robot, what would it do? and Write your journey from your house to M Bloc in 10 steps. Me & Reza started doing it, and we had to wait for the others to finish. After that we had to say what we wrote, then Kak Barry taught us the “print” command. So the print command can do many things, it can say stuff, it can also do math for you, for example : print “1 + 2 * 2”. That is Python for : 1 + 2 x 2, we messed around with the command a lot. Kak Barry then told us to write a code he wrote, he said he’ll explain it later once your done with your code. It took like, Forever to write that code, but we managed to do it. Kak Barry told us this is the same code used for cars that automatically drive. After we were done we took a group picture and all of us went home.

This was the Last day of the Holiday Program, and i’m going to miss this program so much, but as always “nothing is built to last“. This was enjoyable, and i really learned alot from it, i hope Erudio Indonesia makes another Holiday Program! But, until next time, peace!



Erudio Indonesia’s Holiday Program Day #4


9 January 2020

Venue :, M Bloc Space

Today, is the 4th day i attended the Holiday Program, and the subject was about forensics science. Forensic science is basically science but with detectives, to put that into imagination imagine Sherlock Holmes is a Scientist and he’s also a Detective. That is basically Forensic Science. Our teachers introduced themselves although, i forgot their names 😂😅. Our teacher started off our lesson with a “Question Bingo”, question bingo is when you ask questions to your other friends, once you have 5 bingo’s you win. it’s kinda fun when everybody is trying to get first place.

The next lesson is about How to detect what kind of murder did he/she complete? Then our teachers made a challenge, we were given a piece of paper, and we have to solve all 5 of the people name and age. We eventually solved all their names, after that we had another challenge but this time, it was a kidnapping. The one who was kidnapped is called Siti, and we have to figure out who was the kidnapper. We were divided into teams, i was the first team with some of my other friends. Then we were told to find clues in the crime scene, but we only found a foot print and some finger prints. One of my friends, Reza found a secret paper that if you sprayed a “Magic” substance it will go pink, the secret paper spelled “eru” which will come in handy later.

Then we began to suspect one of our teachers, because the footprint in the crime scene matches with the footprint on our teacher. After that we had a discussion and i and with a bunch of my friends cracked what eru means, it means the kidnapper is from erudio indonesia, and that made us even more suspicious at our teacher, and what made us sure it was our teacher is that she was the only eyewitness when the kidnapping happened. Turns out, it was really her, and by the way this is purely just a simulation of what to do if your a forensics scientist in that situation. After that, our teacher congratulate us on solving their riddle, they said goodbye and we all go home.

This was probably the most funnest activity in the whole Holiday Program, it was much enjoyable and i look forward to the next Holiday Program.



Erudio Indonesia’s Holiday Program Day #3


8 January 2020

Venue :, M Bloc Space

Today, is the 3rd day of Erudio Indonesia’s Holiday Program. The lesson was how to do graphic design, our teachers name is Kak Berto. The lesson began with a greeting and explanation on “What is Graphic Design?”, Graphic design is the art or skill of combining pictures with words to make it seem full and to make everyone know what they are making. Originally you had to use Adobe Illustrator, but since nobody (i think) downloaded the app, Kak Berto used another designing app called “Canva”. Because i had already had some experience with it i was able to understand much more quicker than the others, but there were some other buttons that i didn’t know of, and those buttons became handy. After that Kak Berto asked us to make our own logo, so i made 2 logos, 1 i made a Test logo and 2 i made a “let’s raid Are 51!!” logo. We did this for a couple hours but once everyone was done Kak Berto reviewed our work. After that we took a group picture, and gone home.

The experience was fun, i enjoyed every last second of it, as i have not learned Graphic Design yet and i would like dive deeper into the learning abyss called “Graphic Design”. But as always see you tomorrow Holiday Program!

~Rakka T.


Erudio Indonesia’s Holiday Program Day #2


7 January 2020

Venue :, M Bloc Space

Today is the 2nd day i go to for the Holiday Program. Todays subject is Urban Sketching and Perspective drawing, i’ve already done Urban Sketching before but I haven’t done Perspective drawing, so i was excited to learn it. Our teachers name is Mas Bagus, and he is actually the Asisstant Manager of the comic Si Juki which, is one of my favourite comic books made by a indonesian. Anyways he explained the basics of Perspective drawing and Urban Sketching and then we started buildings because it’s perspective drawing, and perspective drawing is basically drawing building the way you see it, we did that for 1 hour. After that we go outside and start sketching some people and i was terrible at drawing humans, cuz i haven’t drew in a while.

We basically did that for about an hour then head back to the room, Mas Bagus asked us to draw a Hallway or the side walk or etc. So i decided to draw stairs… Because it was the closest thing to the room 😛 Anyways it took about 15 minutes to finish the drawing and i just needed to wait for the others. Our teacher, Mas Bagus reviewed our work and after that we took a group photo then went home. But.. My battery was low so i couldn’t go home yet, so i charged it and i got home.

The Lesson was so much fun! i really enjoyed sketching and drawing with perspectives! see you tommorow for another blog about Erudio Indonesia’s Holiday Program!

~Rakka T.


Erudio Indonesia Holiday Program day #1


January 6, 2020

Venue :, M Bloc Space

Today, I joined a Holiday Program by Erudio Indonesia. The Holiday Program is a 5 day program from the 6th to the 10th of January 2020. The First day (which is today) we learned about debates, and as a Public Speaker in-training, i expected it to be a 1v1 debate but oh boy i was wrong. The debate style was called “Team Debate” which i do not know beause the debate that I participated on was using “Austrailian Parliament”. Before that our teacher, Bu Iyenk taught us the basics of debating and a few pointers on what makes a good argument. After that we were chosen our teams, I got paired up with Kak Geby the assistant mentor who wants to learn about how to debate too and Rizky a College student in America.

The First topic was about Climate Change, and we have to make a argument on why is climate change is a hoax, and as someone who strongly believes in Climate Change, it was pretty hard to do. We were given 20 minutes to create a argument and gather enough proof that climate change isn’t real. The debate started and i was so nervous, after that we were given a chance to evaluate ourselves. We were given a secong topic though, the second topic was about “Should we make a age limit on smoking like we did to Alchohol?” My team chose the “Yes, we should” side. So we gathered some data from a few smokers and non smokers, then we made a few fair arguments, then we headed back to the room. The debate started and once again, i was a nervous wreck, but we faired pretty well, our arguements were somewhat good. After that Bu Iyenk Congratulated us and took a group photo.

It was a fun experience, i get to meet new people, see some old friends, and even learned that there are other ways to debate. Overall i can’t wait to come to for another lesson, thanks.

By : Rakka T.



Minggu, 10 November 2019

20:30 wib

Aku harus berkumpul di stasiun Pasar Senen jakarta jam 7malam. Perjalanan Eksplorasi OASE dimulai dengan naik kereta ekonomi dari St. Senen ke St. Tasikmalaya. aku dan 23 teman-temanku yang lain akan menjalani Live – In selama 5 hari dari 10 – 15 November 2019 di Kampung Zuhud, Dusun Suka jadi, Desa Hegarmana, Kecamatan Cidolok, Kabupaten Ciamis, Jawa Barat.

Di kereta ekonomi ini aku duduk di gerbong 4A , aku dan Raja duduk di dekat jendela, ada bangku Danish dan Dilan di tengah, dan Vacha dan Syabil. Seperti kebanyakan anak-anak seusiaku, sepanjang perjalanan dikereta kami bercanda sampai akhirnya di marahin oleh penjaga kereta yang lagi jalan memeriksa. Lalu kami memutuskan untuk menahan ketawa agar tidak mengganggu penumpang yang lain. Kami mnegobrol dan bercanda sampai pukul 2:30 akhirnya semua tertidur lelah. Jam 3:00 aku bangun karena Vacha dan teman – temanku yang sudah mulai terdengar ketawa lagi. Aku tidak tau kenapa tapi aku pikir “Ya udah bangun aja lah juga ga bisa tidur lagi”. Akhirnya aku cuma tidur 30 menit saja.

4:30 wib

Sampai di st. Tasikmalaya, aku dan teman – temanku segera keluar dari kereta karena tujuan kami telah sampai. Kata salah satu kakak mentor, kami harus sholat subuh & makan dulu sebelum ke KaZu (Kampung Zuhud), kami lalu ke masjid terdekat dan sholat subuh bareng disitu.

Eksplorasi ini adalah perjalanan zerowaste. Setelah sholat aku & teman-teman ambil lunch box dan mengumpulkan ke Kak Raken untuk diisi sarapan. Lalu kami naiki mobil bak terbuka yang kakak mentor sewa untuk ke alun – alun. Kata kakak mentor, kami istirahat dulu di alun – alun, sambil menunggu kak Raken mengisi makanan kita kami main Benteng, main bola, dan jala ikan. Lalu kami harus berhenti karena kak raken sudah bawa kotak makan kita. Dan ternyata Alfar hampir ketinggalan karena mobik bak kami mulai berangkat. Kami tiba di kampung Zuhud sekitar jam 7 pagi, lalu kami erkenalan dan mendapat briefing dengan kepala desa nya KaZu, Pak Eddy dan Pak Cece di Saung KaZu.

13:00 wib

Setelah makan siang kami berjalan menuju ke kolam ikan atau tepatnya empang. Disitu kami mengisi kolam itu dengan ikan & memasang pagar agar ikan-ikan tadi tidak makan musang. Kotor sekali air kolam empang itu. Pakaian kamipun penuh dengan lumpur. Lalu kami digiring menuju dam sungai yang lokasinya lumayan jauh berjalan kaki, harus melewati sawah dengan jalan setapak. Tapi pemandangannya sungguh luar biasa. Sampai main di sungai, kami membersihkan diri.

Hal yg paling menantang bagiku adalah, ketika aku mau lompat dari dam dari ketinggian 7m, awalnya aku merasa tertantang melihat alfar dan anak KaZu melompat dari ketinggian dam. Ketika aku mencobanya sendiri dan aku melihat kebawah dam, aku merasa takut dan membatalkannya tapi aku pikir aku tidak akan pernah tau jika aku tidak mencobanya, jika aku lompat dan hidup berarti aku masih hidup, jika aku lompat terus aku mati, ya sudah aku akan mati. Setelah melompat ke sungai bawah rasanya lega & plong karena aku berhasil mengalahkan ketakutanku.

20:00 wib

Setelah sekitar 2 jam main di sungai kami jalan ke saung untuk beristirahat dan bersih – bersih dan makan malam. setelah makan Aku, Giga, dan Dilan di antar ke rumah keluarga asuh kami Pak Ondin & Ibu Heni. Pukul 8:30 kami pun tertidur pulas.