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First Experience naik KRL sendiri!

Today, I for the first time went to agora without my parents. Usually I went to agora with my parents so they could keep check on me but today my parents & I decided that i went to agora on my own and by discuss i mean me saying like “Mommy bolrh aku ke agora sendiri ngga?” and my mom saying “Ok”. so after I packed my mom ordered a gojek and left. after i got out of the motorcycle I properly said thank you to the driver then I got on the train and once i got to palmerah I was running because i was 33 minutes late so i ran as fast as i could then went on the bus and waited while texting with my mom. When i got to WTC I panicked because i was 1 hour late so i ran again and got through security and finally i made it there, late by 1 hour and 15 minutes… after the agora was finished i went to Flip Burger where I ate, then i met my friend Nick and we played street fighter at the restaurant. It was 1.05pm and i was running at the gates so i could catch up with the driver but when i got there hewasn’t even there yet so I face palmed my self and started to wait after that I got on the motorcycle and he drove to St. Palmerah after that the train was already there and i knew it would be like 30 minutes that a new train would come back, so I rushed to the train and thankfully it was still sitting there so i hopped like a bunny onto the train and i made it onto the train a lady and 2 kids where sitting on a seat and the lady offered me a seat I said no but she insisted so i agreed and said thank you, so I looked up my Whatsapp and eventually i got tired and i slept, I woke up because the loudspeaker came on, I thought I missed my station but then it said it was in PondokRanji which was 1 station away from my station so i decided to look at whatsapp again. After that my mom went to pick me up with my brother and when we got home i told her everything.

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Weekly Reflection Juru Kembang

Wednesday 20 February 2019


3 things i am thankful for this week

  2. I get to (almost) finish the oasemedia essay
  3. Eating at marugame udon

3 things that made the week unsatisfactory

  1. Lots of homework
  2. Doing IELTS because its hard
  3. Procrastinating a lots of work

What can I do to improve

  1. Study hard for my projects
  2. Stop procrastinating
  3. Apprieciate my family to do MY work