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Stars and Beyond!


  1. The Maggelanic Clouds

The Maggelanic clouds are not actually clouds but they are actually a Irregular Galaxy. Irregular galaxies are galaxies that have no shape, so that is why the crew on Fredrich Maggelan’s ship called it a cloud.

2. Types of galaxies

In the Known Universe there are 3 types of galaxies

1. Eliptical Galaxies

Eliptical galaxies are galaxies are galaxies that have a round shape. Because of the round shape most eliptical galaxies have no dust to make new stars.

2. Irregular galaxies

Irregular galaxies are galaxies that have no shape, and also they have lots of dust to form new stars

3. Spiral galaxies

Spiral galaxies are just the mix of irregular and eliptical, Spiral galaxies have a proper amount of dust it needs and sometimes spiral galaxies can be MASSIVE compared to the other galaxies the milky way and andromeda are one of the largest galaxies in a globular cluster known as the Local Group.

3. Andromeda and Milky way are going to Collide.

Yes. The Andromeda and The Milky Way are going to collide and become a massive galaxy called Milkdromeda and it will happen in a few billion years.

Source : Nat geo Space Encyclopedia